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CECS dept,Speed Scientific School, U of L

Teaching and Related Activities

University of Louisville (1995- present):

Data Mining (CECS 632) (Developed a New Course), Online Data Mining course - CECS 632-50 (Online materials developed in spring 2006), Introduction to CS&CE (CECS 230) (Developed a New Program), CECS 503 - Survey of CECS (CECS 503) (Developed a New Program), Automata Theory (CECS 504), Data Mining and Data Warehousing (CECS 692), Advanced Artificial Intelligence (CECS 645), Information Structures (CECS 302), Logic Design (EE 210), Engineering Computation (CECS 207), LISP Programming (CECS 303), FORTRAN Programming (ISDP 170), Calculus (EAC 100 & EAC 101 & EAC 102), Precalculus (EMCS 100).

University of Sarajevo (1972-1994):

Graduate courses:
Artificial Intelligence, Expert Systems, Pattern Recognition, Computer Science Theory, Information Retrieval, Office Automation.

Undergraduate courses:
Computer Architecture, Mathematical Theory of Computer Sciences, Introduction to Computer Science, Medical Informatics, Introduction to Information Theory, Informatics in Arts, Data Processing and Information Systems.
Other Courses:
Computer Architecture - CSI 300, Visual Programming - CSI 288, Data Structures – CSI 301, Computer Organization and Assembler Programming - CSI 290 (McKendree College, Lebanon, IL, 1998 - 2001); Knowledge Based Systems (University of Nis, 1988-1991); Problem Solving Technologies (European Center for Peace and Development – ECPD and University of Zagreb, 1989-1990); Office Automation and Advanced MMI (University of Belgrade, 1987-1988).

Tutorials, Invited Presentations & Seminars:


  • "Hadoop & Map-Reduce", tutorial for graduate computer science students, SSST University, Sarajevo, May 2013.
  • “Invisible Data Mining”, tutorial, University of Hidalgo, Mexico, May 2010.
  • “Toward Petabyte-Based Data Mining Applications”, tutorial, University of Hidalgo, Mexico, May 2010.
  • “Data Mining and Artificial Intelligence”, graduate course, University of Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina, December 2005.
  • “Advanced Data Mining: From Temporal Data Mining to Stream Data Mining”, one-day tutorial, 5th International Conference on Data Mining, Pachuca, Mexico, August 2003.
  • "Data Mining”, graduate course, RITI Institute, Cairo, Egypt, December 2002.

Invited Presentations:

  • Keynote Lecture, International Conference on Soft Computing in Engineering, Jaipur, India, March 2017
  • "Experiences with Social Media Computing ", Workshop on Social Media and Recruitment, University of Louisville, November 21, 2013.
  • "Big Data Trends", Bosnia and Herzegovina IEEE section, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, May 2013.
  • "PhD Topics in Computer Science and Engineering", discussion moderator at the Department of Computer Science PhD students session, Department of Computer Science, University of Oxford, UK, April 2013.
  • "Building Dynamically an Ensemble of Classifiers Using Partially Labeled Streaming Data", Electrical Engineering and Computer Systems Department, University of Cincinnati, OH, March 2013.
  • “Click Fraud Prevention in Pay-Per-Click Model: Learning through Multimodal Evidence Fusion”, Invited Keynote Talk on the IEEE International Conference on Machine and Web Intelligence, Algiers, October 2010.
  • “Petabyte Data Mining: Theory or Reality?”, University of Cincinnati, OH, 2008.
  • “SNAS: Spatial Navigation Assistance System for large Virtual Environments”, Invited Talk at the International Symposium on Data Mining, Virtual Environments, and Online Communities, Kyoto, Japan, March 2006.
  • “Trends in Data Mining”, IEEE –CS Local Chapter, Louisville, KY, March 2005.
  • “Data Mining Principles”, Informatics Research Institute, Mubarak City, Egypt, 2004.
  • ”Data Mining”, SUNY University, Brockport, NY, 2001.
  • ”Data Mining”, St. Thomas University, St. Paul, MN, 2001.
  • ”Data Mining”, Bellarmine University, Louisville, KY, 2001.
  • “Neural Network Gaps”, Indiana Southeast University, New Albany, IN, 2001.
  • “Computer Security and Protection”, State University, St. Cloud, MN, 1998.


  • Automata Theory, Undergraduate seminar, (SSST University, Sarajevo, May 2013)
  • Trends in Data Mining - Ph.D. seminar (University of Louisville, Louisville, KY, 2008);
  • Click Fraud Detection and Prevention System - Ph.D. seminar (University of Louisville, Louisville, KY, 2008);
  • Virtual Reality & Data Mining - Ph.D. seminar (University of Louisville, Louisville, KY, 2004);
  • Temporal Data Mining - CSE Ph.D. seminar (University of Louisville, Louisville, KY, 2002);
  • Neural Network Gaps - CSE Ph.D. seminar (University of Louisville, Louisville, KY, 1998);
  • Real-Time Expert Systems -CSE Ph.D. seminar (University of Louisville, Louisville, KY, 1995);
  • Distributed Computer Systems: Experience with DIPSY (University of Prague, Prague, Check Republic, 1989).

Ph.D Disertations Directed / in Progress:

  • Lingyu Lyu, started in August 2014 (in Progress);
  • Tegjyot Singh Sethi, started in August 2013 (in Progress);
  • Hanqing Hu, started in August 2012 (in Progress);
  • Elaheh Arabmakki, started in August 2011;
  • Jason Turner, started in August 2011;
  • Joe Elliot, started in May 2011;
  • John Gant, started in August 2009, “Twitter Recommendation System”;
  • Brent Wenerstrom, started in August 2007, “Enhancements in Web Search Summarization”;
  • Chamila Walgampaya, “Click Fraud Detection and Prevention: Click bots”, May 2011;
  • Wael A. Emara, started in September 2006; “Incremental Semi-supervised Support Vector Machines”;
  • Viktoria Rojkova, “Analysis of Streaming Data using Random Matrix Theory (RMT)”, December 2010;
  • Li Ge, “CCFDP: Collaborative Click Fraud Detection and Prevention System”, September 2007;
  • Sherif S. Rashad, “Mobility-Based Predictive Call Admission Control and Resource Reservation for Next Generation Mobile Networks”, December 2006;
  • Pedram Sagedhian, “Navigation Assistance in Large-Scale Virtual Environments: The Data Mining Approach”, December 2006;
  • Maha Soliman, “A Model for Mining Distributed Frequent Sequences “, December 2004;
  • Shen Chun, “Temporal Data Mining Approach in Financial Data”, Fall 2003.

Visiting PhD Students:

  • Emrah Bilgic, 2014-2015, Turkey;
  • Othmane Benyoucef, Spring 2015, Algeria;

Master Thesis Directed / In Progress:

  • Huang Li, MS thesis in May 2014;
  • Lingyu Lyu, started MS thesis in May 2014;
  • Amar Shah, MS in January 2014 ;
  • Tegjyot Singh Sethi, "Grid Density based Clustering for Classification of Streaming Data with Concept Drift", MS Thesis, July 2013;
  • Chris Simpson, MS, expected May 2012;
  • Charles Justin Cottrell, MS, “Implementation of a Cloud with Map-Reduce Framework”, May 2011;
  • Daniel Ewans, MEng, “Text Summarization from Images on Web sites”, May 2011;
  • Nicholas Bell, MEng, December 2010;
  • Olexandr Lozitskiy, MEng, CECS, “Interactive interface for Click Fraud Detection System”, August 2008;
  • Hamed Abdek Aziz Sawy Mohamed, MS, Cairo University, November 2008;
  • William Matthew Luckett, “Cellular Automata for Dynamic S-boxes in Cryptography”, September 2007;
  • Robert H. Fuller, “Monitoring Frequent Items over Distributed Data Streams”, May 2007;
  • Rebecca Dennison, Started in September 2006;
  • Chamila Walgampaya, “Temporal Data Mining: Multiple Time Series Prediction”, May 2006;
  • John Gant, “Pattern Detection in Multiple Time Series”, May 2007;
  • Satish Bollimpalli, “New Approach in Link Analysis”, September 2006;
  • Padmanabhan Ramaswamy, “An Extensible Service Oriented Distributed Data Mining Framework”, June 2005;
  • Anna Besse, “Minimizing Breast Cancer Symptomatology in Recurrence Prediction using Artificial Neural Networks”, September 2003;
  • Debasish Chatterjee, “Web Mining for Pattern Discovery in E-commerce Applications”, December 2001.


  • Young Woo Ryu, Seoul, South Korea, 2008-2011

Ph.D & Master Thesis Committees (Recent Years):

  • Jin Young Hyun, PhD, CEE Department, May 2014
  • Tanvir Bhuiyan, PhD, CE Department, March 2014
  • Rashita Jayasekera, PhD, Math Department, August 2013
  • Jan Chorowski, PhD, ECE, December 2012
  • Beatrice Ugiliweneza, PhD, Math, December 2011
  • Yehia H Khalil, PhD, CSE, May 2011
  • Jan Chorowski, PhD, ECE, May 2011
  • Kemal Taljanovic, PhD, CS, University of Sarajevo, February 2011
  • Behnoush Abdollahi, MS, CECS, July 2011
  • Esin Saka, PhD, CSE, June 2011
  • Sungbo Jung, PhD, CSE, June 2010
  • Guoxin Tang, PhD, Math, December 2010
  • Sasa Mrdovic, PhD, CS, University of Sarajevo, March 2009
  • Carlos Rohas, PhD, CSE, October 2009
  • Rami N. Mahdi, PhD, CSE, December 2008
  • Rajesh Kumar, PhD, Thapar University, India, December 2008
  • Mohamed Battisha, PhD, ECE, December 2008
  • Ruben Mora, PhD, IE, May 2005
  • Gregor Boratyn, PhD, ECE, August 2005
  • Chang Kuen Park, MS, CECS, August 2005
  • Kuochen Li, PhD, ECE, April 2005
  • Bin Cao, PhD, ECE, December 2004
  • Joseph H. Brown, MEng., CECS, May 2004
  • Ayman M. El-Gneidy, PhD, ECE, March 2004
  • James S. Kirk, PhD, ECE, August 2003
  • Mostafa M El-Said, PhD, ECE, June 2003
  • Hewayda M. Lofty, PhD proposal, ECE, May 2003
  • Chris Foreman, PhD proposal, ECE, May 2003
  • Tim D. Nguyen, M. Eng. IE, December 2002
  • Mycola Lysetskiy, PhD proposal, ECE, November 2002
  • Mandar Mythye, MS, CECS, December 2002
  • Ahmed Emam, PhD, ECE,May 2002



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