Roman V. Yampolskiy, Ph.D

Associate Professor - Speed School of Engineering

Director - Cybersecurity Laboratory

Computer Engineering &

Computer Science

Duthie Center for Engineering - 215

University of Louisville

Louisville, KY 40292, USA

Phone:+1 (502) 852-3624
Fax:     +1 (502) 852-4713

Facebook:  Dr. Yampolskiy's profile




Dr. Yampolskiy in Popular Media


MEDIA COVERAGE – Interviews, Podcasts, Articles, Television, Radio, Magazines, Web.

Dr. Yampolskiy is very active in public dissemination of scientific knowledge. His work has been covered extensively (1000+ times) in the local and international media, in some 30+ languages. Highlights include: BBC, MSNBC, Yahoo, NBC, MIT Tech Review, ZDnet, TechCrunch, Gizmodo, TechRepublic, Futurism, H+ Magazine, Forbes, Daily Mail, Daily Mirror, Popular Science, Elmundo, New Scientist, Wired, Insider, Futurism, WAVE3 News, Live Science, WDRB News, WHAS840, Herald Globe, Daily News, Business First, Kurzweil AI, Restaurant Dive, The Telegraph, National Post, ESPN, Malaysia Sun, Singularity.FM, FLI Podcast, ChinAI, Import AI, EuropeanAI, Alignment Newsletter, ScienceNet, Wen Wei Po,, Science Pie, Shanghai Observer, We Need to Talk About A.I. – Movie,  Cognitive Times, OTR TV (Russia), Economics Detective Radio, Future Strategist, Mind Matters, Public Interest Podcast, The Guardian, Business Insider, Independent, Voices in AI, Global Brains Podcast, Red Zone, Thaindian News, Daily India, HuffPost, Salon, Europe Sun, Raconteur, Korea Education Broadcasting System, London Mercury, TheNextWeb, China National News, Computer World, Singularity Hub, Security World, Radio Sputnik, One Magazine, Irish Sun, The UK news, Taipei Times, The Hindu, Next Shark, Nepal National, Harvard Business Review, Communications of ACM, Popular Science, Financial Times, Wired, New Scientist, PBS, and many others.



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